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    Such a great loss. Seha was a true friend, a wonderful spirit with a genuine kind heart. I've learned invaluable lessons in life through you and with you. Never had the chance to tell you how much I appreciate having you as a friend. You are so greatly missed. I hope and pray your soul is blessed and in peace. Al-Fatihah...
    Oleh TreElm6 tahun lalu
    Dear Magickman, Sad to say that Seha died some 2 years ago..........we all missed her!!!!!
    Oleh ABANGJEBAT6 tahun lalu
    Antares Magickman
    Seha, Seha... only met you a few times in your all-too-short life... but to me you were such a friendly, attractive woman, so down-to-earth and lovable. Wish I had known you a little better, and that we had more time to chill together. Wherever you are now, Seha, I send you lots and lots of love.
    Oleh Antares Magickman8 tahun lalu