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【无心法师】相爱MV(无心x月牙)(WuXin:The Monster Killer)

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http://filmow.com/wu-xin-the-monster-killer-t197714/ Immortal Wu Xin, is unfortunate enough to be doomed to eternal poverty. He doesn’t know if he’s human or a demon, where he came from or where his future should lead. During the Qing dynasty (around 1862-1874), he and his lover retired to the mountains. By the Republican era, however, his beloved has died, and Wu Xin is so poor that he leaves his mountain and pretends to be a monster-hunting monk in order to survive. (mydramalist) Wu Xin: The Monster Killer Wu Xin: The Monster Killer

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【无心法师】相爱MV(无心x月牙)(WuXin:The Monster Killer)
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