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a look at mario galaxy for the wii


Hey Vipor: Just stopped by to say hello. I left LV in August and never went back. LV sucks..full of haters and BS artists. LV really turned to shitover the summer. Even if it "launches, the haters etc will ruin it for everyone..just wait & watch. I miss puting those pics in ur comment boxes (hehe). Take care dude.
By thelastrecidivist 7 years ago
LOL thats ok i dont care who knows im here
By Shawn Moniz 7 years ago
i saw your vid on lV, Dont worry I wont tell anyone you are here....Erm I use this place as a refuge too.
I have a creative content acount on here, its pretty cool, you can upload any length or file size vid....
Anywats take care.Terry B
By David Cole 7 years ago
Hiya Mr Vipor, I recognise that voice antwhere.
By David Cole 7 years ago