Hillary Clinton's Henchmen in Vinton, Iowa

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Three Missionaries to the Pre-born were speaking up for despised pre-born babies at a rally for Hillary Clinton at an Elementary School in Vinton, Iowa. Parents, teachers, and police were in an uproar which resulted in arrests.


We won our case in Vinton.
By antiaborticide 2 years ago
You people are so ignorant, First off you argue with the police officer about HIM inviting Hillary (Which would have been the mayor or Hillary's campaign managers). Then you get into a pointless debate with the officer trying to evade his simple question. You can spread your word without those stupid pictures. I can't wait for your judgment day. Its also funny that you say "It has nothing to do with you and your un-aborted child." So what point is it to put this crap in front of a school?
By jeicrash 6 years ago
placed in an area that was poorly chosen, kids should not be exposed to these sorts of things, this is an adult issue. bad form!
By Survivaldude 6 years ago
Dan Holman writes:
November 27, 2007 I finally heard back from Police Chief Jeff Tilson. Brian Burgess and casey Ratje were charged with Criminal Mischief Tilson did not charge nor would he identify the man who made personal threats and who physically blocked our van.
By antiaborticide 6 years ago
As of November 21, 2007 no charges have been filed against the vandals. Call Vinton Police Chief Jeff Tilson at (319) 472-2321 to find out why they are not being prosecuted.
By antiaborticide 7 years ago