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The Mysterious Stranger - Mark Twain

il y a 10 ans4.7K views



Satan: Mysterious Stranger. A stop motion clay animation of Mark Twain's Mysterious Stranger. Done by Will Vinton. Censored from some television stations.

"THE ADVENTURES OF MARK TWAIN depicts the author's journey to meet up with Haley's comet (Twain, who was born in a year in which Haley's comet appeared, rightly predicted his death would coincide with its next visit in 1910). Also on board were three stowaways, Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and Becky Thatcher, whose presence enabled Twain to tell them such stories as The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County and The Diary of Adam and Eve (which was incorporated into the story). When simple recitations were not possible, plot devices like the Index-O-Vator and Astro-viewer were introduced to permit visits to The Mysterious Stranger and Capt. Stormfield. Like its subject, the film was a showcase of Vinton's career thus far, featuring clay paintings, caricatures, morphing and lip-syncing."