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    James Blunt - Goddbye my lover (Live)

    Santiago Blunt

    by Santiago Blunt

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    never beleave in love my friends love is TRUE BUT ONLY IN FAIRYTALES NOT IN REAL LIFE
    By doctor6 years ago
    I also agree he has a very deep scar and has been deeply in love.I think he will never love again like this.I cry and tremble every time I hear this video.The passion is unbelievable.I only hope I am loved like this and it would make ones life surely worth a lifetime of living worth it.
    By mdgartners6 years ago
    JD Mix
    As a life-long musician, I can honestly say I do not believe I have heard anything more passionate and real as this performance.
    I am certain he was singing TO someone, somewhere, and his heart bears the scar he so artfully and graciously shared in this awesome, candid display. Mr. Blunt has my heartfelt, humble respect.
    By JD Mix6 years ago
    Blunt  Tiza
    The Best Song Ever Made .. Thankyou James Blunt .thankyou
    By Blunt Tiza6 years ago
    Que dire ?(MERCI)
    By rogerza7 years ago
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