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    A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody - THE GREAT ZIEGFELD

    Liz Butler

    by Liz Butler

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    Jayne Cates
    Allan Jones, Father of Jack Jones (Love Boat theme song), dubbed this over Dennis Morgan's Singing, which was just as good., but, the producers wanted a voice to match the times when this tune was written in 1919 for the Great Ziegfeld. Dennis Morgan who is not Irish, but, actually Swedish and Scottish descent became very popular in the 40's, not only because of his handsomely, good looks, but, for his beautiful voice, as well. Allan Jones was popular movie star in the 30's. Allan's Voice with Apollo Looks of Dennis, made an unbelievable pair.
    By Jayne CatesMarch
    Marquita Sozio
    I love this wonderful movie as well. But the music is part excellance. "A Pretty Girl is Like aMemory" is one of my favorite old schmaltzy songs.

    Mainly because my daddy used to play it on the piano and sing it to me when I was a little girl. Wonderful song for sweet wonderful thoughts of my dear Dad.
    By Marquita SozioFebruary
    This is absolutely beautiful. I'd only seen the edited clip that appears in That's Entertainment, which I thought was amazing - but I always wanted to see it in its entirety. The talent, creativity and craftsmanship that comprised this performance and others is truly something to behold.
    By Debralawson25102 years ago
    By MARINEMEAT5 years ago
    Dennis morgan is not singing this song. He is just nouthing it. The original singer could not be present for the filming of the scene. The producers still wanted the original voice in the film. This information was provided by Robert Osbourn when this movie was shown on TCM on January 12, 2011.
    By KingCreole19485 years ago
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