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    P.P contest


    by Arthur

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    My mix for da P.P mixmakin team tryouts,there are lots of competition in it...lookin forward to it.So,mostly the mix contains 07-08 footage,some are from 05-06 some from 06-07 season and some other older seasons.I tried to make a kinda pumped up mix,cause i need to start makin them.Made about Nba,cause lots of people got tired of my Melo and Denver Nuggets related videos.I got a lil to fast at the end cause i was soooo behind schedule and i thought i wont make so it may look a lil craapy.But i had time and i changed.Well u be the judge anyways.What else,used two songs for it,cause got tired from da first one and i liked the second one more at the time.


    1st:Soulja Boy-Crank that(remix by Travis Barker)
    2nd:50cent-I get money.

    Hope ill win it,i realy would like to join the team,it would be easier fo me to mix then.Thanx for readin the description.

    Download link is comin later.Vote fo me.And expect me to win!!