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    M Return - Something About A Wrecked Ship, maybe?


    by raocow



    Also, to bilbobaggin3, in this game, like SMI2, you need to get all five horse coins in a level before the goal stars are actually added
    By exgoon8 years ago
    Being the guy who recommended this hack to you... I think it's a really fun game to PLAY but maybe not all that suitable to LP, in retrospect? I dunno? It does get better later in the game (unsurprisingly, the water world is the most boring one) but you're right that it is kinda plain and just sorta there a lot of the time (actually one of the things I like about it is its coherent design,) but then there are a fair few fun surprises like the secret stages ("Early"?), and secret ghost houses and alternate paths, and I'm not even sure what happens when you unlock all the Star Road things -- if there is a Special World I've yet to see it and that would be cool to see LP'd. Also the final boss fight is cool and it would be a pity to miss out on it and that's all I'm gonna say about that. I, for one, watch and enjoy these videos as much as the others and would miss MR if you took it off the LP, but take that as you will
    By exgoon8 years ago
    You haven't gotten the bonus stage, did you cheat to lock the stars at 97, or did it bug out?
    By bilbobaggin38 years ago