The BAG SPORTS BILL "Web Show" Episode Two

William Szany
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Again, I couldn't fit the entire title,but oh well. In this second Official Bag Sports Bill video, I show you lovely YoooouTuuuubers my Childhood Home!!! I get really Emotional!!!! Probably because it brought back lots of memories and stuff.. or something. I talk about the pet horse we used to have, and I talk about my crazy brudders and their crazy antics with drugs and hookers!!! This is a very heartwarming video and it's close to my HAAArRT!!! Oh and I give a special shoutout to my homie The Masked Interviewer for a second time, because we really are friends in real life and go waay baack!! As well as a shoutout to UglyBagMan, who I would like to be my new special buddy. So, please enjoy.