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    IT'S A SIN TO TELL A LIE 8 TITO MARTINO 1983 with the T J B

    Tito Martino

    por Tito Martino

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    IT'S A SIN TO TELL A LIE was recorded by public TV in the last performance of clarinetist Tito Martino with the Traditional Jazz Band, before he changed his residence to Swiss in 1983. Martino started, named and lead the Traditional Jazz Band for 20 years. This is certainly one of the best performances of this band, one which all their members can feel proud of. At this time, Carlos Lima was at trumpet, Bruno Christen trombone (he is now living in Swiss) Tito Martino clarinet, sop.sax, altosax and leader, Edo Callia piano, Dudu Bugni banjo and guitar, Carlos Chaim bass, and Alcides Lima drums and washboard. Tito came back to São Paulo in 1993 and plays with his new group, the TITO MARTINO JAZZ BAND.