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    1963 Jack Nicholson & Boris Karloff Roger Corman Horror Film

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    One of Jack Nicholson’s earliest films, The Terror takes viewers on a trip by following a sensuous apparition (Sandra Knight) through an ancient castle with a suicidal Baron (Boris Karloff). Nicholson plays Lieutenant Duvalier alongside Karloff, the undisputed king of Hollywood horror. Add that the film is helmed by veteran horror director Roger Corman and all the necessary elements are present for a thrilling romp of fear and mystery. The story begins when Nicholson is disturbed by a the beautiful figure of Sandra Knight that keeps appearing before him. He eventually follows her to the Castle, hoping to unravel the conundrum. What he finds is a despondent and self-destructive Baron who is being tortured by a supernatural force! A prototypical Cormon chiller, The Terror delivers.