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    Guitar Legend - Sister Rosetta - That's All and Didn't Rain


    by Kyle

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    This is the great Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Such an amazing performer.

    She was a guitar prodigy at 4 years old. Keith Richards, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Johnny Cash, and more site Sister Rosetta as an influence.

    Be sure to stay with it and watch the second song. There is a video glitch in the second half, sorry about that. I'll keep looking for a better copy.

    The second song "Didn't Rain", shows more of her guitar.

    She doesn't really burn up her guitar in "That's All" but the vocal performance showcases her incredible showmanship.

    I really love Sister Rosetta (and I'm not religious). Her performance, passion and the amazing guitar skills.

    I haven't seen many clips of her. Only about 5 that I know of. If you know of any DVDs, VHSs, Documentaries, Television Shows, Movies, Rock, Jazz, Blues or Gospel Festivals,... anything where she performed and there might be a recording available, please tell me the title in the comments. If you can't remember the title, tell me anything you can remember, like: it was a Gospel Concert in the Opry sometime in the 70's, when she was performing with Marie Knight... I'll try to track it down and make a clip. Thanks.