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    Seminola's Day Gunhild Carling Big Band

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Saminola’s Day - Gunhild Carling Big Band 2007

    From Hans Carling:
    “Seminolas day, is named after an Indian who lived in Harlem. He in turn was probably named after a Paul Whiteman piece from 1925, named *Seminola* - an Indian love song. The music language is a bit like South American Indian music, like these guys (from Bolivia?) who are standing in the streets of Europe playing their flutes today, (as everybody knows). We use ordinary recorders, instead of the pan-pipes which would better fit in the style.

    In this tune composed by the Carling Family themselves bandleader Gunhild features herself on two different instruments. The recorder as well as the flute. Even though these are both flute instruments their playing technique is totally different. Just to get the right embouchure can take years to accomplish. Already a feat by itself is her ability to play both trumpet and trombone wich takes different techniques all together.
    Members of the band are Hans Carling and Erik Berndalen trumpets, Gerd Carling also sax, Anders Holberg tenor sax, Max Carling bariton sax, Hakan Persson and Henrik Johnsson trombones. The rhythm group consists of Gunilla Iberer piano, Aina Carling guitar, Goran Schelin bass and Ulf Carling drums.
    Recorded during the 2007 Dresden Jazz Festival