DIONNE WARWICK "Anyone who had a heart" 1963

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Ma chanson préférée de Dionne Warwick...

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Thank you very much JubalCalif !

Wonderful interpretation of such a beautiful song...
It's a pleasure to share this pretty emotional moment of music...

(Sorry for my english, my level is quite low ...)
Par Ultra_White_Forever il y a 4 ans
The extremely talented Miss Warwick has a PERFECT voice for a classic romantic ballad like this....one of my favorite songs from the 60's. There are many wonderful versions....but I keep coming back to the original! THANK YOU for sharing this delightful "blast from the past" with us! :)
Par JubalCalif il y a 4 ans
Great song, great singer, great voice...

Thank you for this positive comment Silver Hammer !
Par Ultra_White_Forever il y a 5 ans
This is the BEST!! Thanks for posting... : )
Par silver_hammer il y a 5 ans
Si on écoute avec son cœur, certainement…
Par Ultra_White_Forever il y a 5 ans
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