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    Tango: It's Also About the Music


    by mediatargeting

    We have an exciting, brand new documentary called
    "Tango: It's Also About the Music". This is not the same re-sampled, re-made, re-packaged clips and videos. "Tango: It's Also About the Music" is an exciting story of Tango dancers, the music, and their lives. Most people know the tango as the legendary dance. Less is known about the music that accompanies it. By seeing the various styles of the dance, we also follow the musical transformation from the traditional songs of Carlos Gardel through Astor Piazzolla's more contemporary reading of the genre to the current trends being created for the tango today. And we see this through the stunning beauty of Buenos Aires, the city which the tango calls home. The music as well as the musicians and dancers show us a true and passionate lifestyle dedicated to the revival of this often misunderstood art form, which is much more than just a dance. For many, it's a way of life.

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