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    Know Your Roots – Stone Ridge Apple Orchard

    William Allen

    by William Allen

    When is a non-organic apple better than an organic one? When that non-organic apple is grown on a local farm that practices sustainable agriculture. In this video we head to Stone Ridge Orchard, located in the Hudson River Valley two hours north of New Your City, to see how they are using progressive ecological farming methods to produce apples that are good tasting, good for the land, and good for your health. We learn that sustainable farming can't always be pesticide free, but can use natural ecosystems and pests like aphids to reduce pesticide use and promote land stewardship. And we get an introduction to Stone Ridge's 'Know Your Roots' philosophy, which acknowledges that every farm is different, and that organic food is more than a label on your produce. Check out these apples' roots. You'll never look at a Granny Smith the same way again.