Jack the Ripper The First Serial Killer - Part 1


by Merian

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The historic reinvestigation for Channel Five's "Jack the Ripper: The First Serial Killer" is the latest development in a vast industry dedicated to solving Britain's greatest murder mystery.

Head of analysis for Scotland Yard's Violent Crime Command Laura Richards, who has studied serial killer Fred West and Soham murderer Ian Huntley, revisited the case using modern police techniques.

She brought together a team of experts, including pathologists, historians and a geographical profiler, to find out if the case could ever be solved.

The result has been the most accurate physical, geographical and psychological portrait of the Ripper ever put together.

As part of the new investigation John Grieve, a former deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, who headed the anti-terrorist branch and the force's homicide squad, compiled an image of the Ripper.


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By vulgarzero99pK February
If u are going to do it about jack the ripper then at least get the info right!! He wasn't the first serial killer - i fact he didn't even kill the most, he is famous due to the fact the way he killed that it was so brutal also because it caused so much trouble for the police!!
By AliceL-1995 4 years ago
By Neil 6 years ago
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