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    Pat Condell hello angry christians


    by liverp41

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    Excellent video!
    By bazmaz5 years ago
    This guy is an angry atheist if ever there was one - he looks so cross.

    Mind you he has his reasons, and he's a lot bless scary than an angry god botherer!

    Go Pat go!!
    By farquitte7 years ago
    you are a very wise man. I would never let tormant come your way. my ideal of heaven and or hell is yes all in the subconsciousness psyche.

    you have a good day sir.

    By etoonman7 years ago
    Yes, there are a lot of non-angry Christians, but he was talking to the angry ones.

    And regarding archaeological sites and historical documents; of course there is historical evidence for places and occurrences in the Bible. No one would write a story like that and just make up all the cities and so on.

    But take the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for instance. It mentions lots of cities on earth, and lots of stars that exist and events that have occurred, but we know that it is fiction. And that the Bible includes events and places that we know occurred doesn't mean that it can't be fiction too.

    The important thing here was the late J.C., Jesus Christ. Have you seen any historical evidence for HIM? A record of his execution? (they kept good records) Any non-biblical account of any of his miracles? Any first-hand reviews of his sermons? Anything at all like that, outside of the bible?
    By raveheart_2437 years ago
    Will Tatum
    Dude you ROCK. Loved the video can't wait to watch some more. As an Atheist from a fundamentalist baptist family i very much understand where you are coming from. They don't understand how much it hurts to know that they are convinced of my eventual eternal torment. Thank you again for the great video
    By Will Tatum7 years ago