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    Bill O'Reilly - lesbian cutest couple


    by worldhappiness

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    This video actually makes me sick how can that man be allowed to have such a high ranked job with his small minded obnoxiousness, "I DON'T WANT TO SOUND MEAN OR CONDESCENDING" then you may as well say nothing at all .... as for that women she's laughing cos she knows your a joke ....
    By NicDX5 years ago
    " im a lesbian and people like him strip away my self-esteem" Oh Please.. all the news is full of today are people that feel the need to get up on stage and express their feelings for all to hear. The never ending I'm a victim... anyone who gets their self-esteem from others.. needs to grow and find themselves no matter their orientation. Not letting others have their opinions is nothing less than reverse intolerance and oppression. Do as you will and leave others to their own opinions. besides O'reilly is a blowhard self promoter
    By willquinti6 years ago
    Bill O'Reilly needs to adhere closer to the Libertarian ideals he claims to have embraced.
    By Gail_Sweet6 years ago
    yyeah cooll..btw check out for really hot girls
    By flohmanfuxo6 years ago
    o' reilly sucks! such a backward view on homos!
    By meslesb6 years ago
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