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    JFK Assassination Digitally Remastered

    Sangkath Sandara

    by Sangkath Sandara

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    Second shot hit Kennedy in the head, the bullet then traveled into Gov. John Connally.
    When the first bullet hit Kennedy, you can see the governor turn back to see what had happened. The second shot hits Kennedy in the head and then into the governor who is thrown forward by the force of the bullet. That means the bullet that hit Kennedy in the head, came from the rear.
    By pilot2 years ago
    15 secondes: la 3ème moto disparait derrière les feuillages
    By Xenon805 years ago
    A 1mn14s sur la droite quelqu'un observe la scène presque de face par jumelle ou je c pas quoi!!! peut etre une mini caméra
    By Xenon805 years ago
    Merci pour la video :)) .. ,,,.....
    By fluffy1995 years ago
    kay5285 - I've heard there were 4 videos of the incident. One of which has been confiscated and never released to the public, maybe this one belongs to the woman in blue? I've no idea.
    By lettherebemusic5 years ago
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