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    Superman 4: The Quest For Peace (Theatrical Trailer)

    Keith Keith Adams

    by Keith Keith Adams

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    Jeremy Stephenson
    It's nice to see somebody else who likes Superman IV. I've encountered so many people on YouTube who majorly trashing this movie, it was just aggrivating. I told one of them off, though. I told them "if you want to see a crappy superhero movie, check out Steel. At least in this film, they didn't fuck up Superman's character." I got nothing against Shaq, but the movie was just aweful! I remember they didn't even have John Henry Irons living in Metropolis. Hell, they didn't even mention Superman's epic battle with Doomsday and his death at the monster's hands. The only Superman thing they showed in the movie was Superman's S tattooed on Shaq's arm.
    By Jeremy Stephenson6 years ago
    Michael Knight
    Awesome movie!!! Would have been alot better if it had not been made by such a cheap and shady company who put Superman out of action for 18 years after they made this one.
    By Michael Knight8 years ago