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    Beach Walk #523 - Multitask to a New Brain

    Beach Walks with Rox

    by Beach Walks with Rox

    As I have mentioned before, Secret Cameraman is not fond of multitasking. I am. Or at least, I like to do a few things at once assuming none of them require deep concentration. New brain studies from UCLA though show that the interruptions trigger a different part of the brain, and that long term memory of the task "suffers" as a result.

    What if multitasking is brain evolution in process? Will the multitaskers have an advantage?

    However! I started wondering if there isn't some evolutionary adaptation going on. The younger you are, the more likely you can engage in multiple IM conversations at once, and interact with several devices/people at the same time. What if we are learning to act more in the moment? What if we don't need the long term memory so much, because we have digital storage of data to access whenever desired? Just like you don't have to memorize a lot now with the existence of Wikipedia.

    Hawaiian Word:
    Lolo: brain