Next Harry Potter Book NOT to be written by J. K. Rowling

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This teaser trailer is going the rounds at the Harry Potter fansites and causing a lot of consternation. The companion website ( shows a very professional (i.e. NOT fan-made) teaser trailer for a new book called "James Potter and the Hall of Elders' Crossing"-- sounds great, except it DOESN'T seem to be affiliated with J. K. Rowling! Or is it? The question: would YOU read a Harry Potter book 8 NOT written (but apparently endoresed by) J. K. Rowling?


Yes I would read a Harry Potter book 8 NOT written by J. K. Rowling. Rowlings wishes to move on it seems so let her but the new Generation stories would be good for Harry Potter Fans even if passed to a different writer Given the wizarding world was shattered and needs a make over it would be a good start for a new writer. I would like to see more of the other two houses Ravensclaw andHufflepuff in the next one as well there is a lot of filling out to do and much left unsaid.
By Tony Wendt 2 years ago
wow ..! ;) ,--
By lovinggirl4 3 years ago
you are a genius xD chat with me! :))
By mdsiddik 3 years ago
James Potter could mean TWO people it could mean: James Sirius Potter (Harry's Eldest Son)OR James Potter (Harry's father)It is unlikly it will be his son becuase in the "Ninteen Years Later" chapter we find out that James S. Potter is in his 2nd year of Hogwarts now.(Would make more sense in starting from the 1st) though i would enjoy following this storyline but I'm pretty sure the video meant his father and when he was a boy starting Hogwarts.
Harry Potter and everything to do with it it copyrighted if who ever will be writting this wil have to get her permission before they even start planning the story...
By Dhaka2 6 years ago
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Next Harry Potter Book NOT to be written by J. K. Rowl...