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    2003 UK


    by Galiza

    "CRY BABY"

    Love, love's not enough
    I need your trust
    But you don't try anymore

    Hon, you still turn me on
    But your love has gone
    And I don't wanna cry anymore
    I thought our love would last for ever

    Bye-bye, baby
    You lied to me, baby
    I must have been crazy
    Baby, bye-bye

    Cry, cry, baby
    You lied to me, baby
    I'll survive without you, baby
    Baby, bye, baby, bye-bye

    You're living a lie
    You won't say goodbye
    You just keep me hanging on

    I've got my whole life to live
    Got more love to give
    Got to get a life of my own

    I know you're looking for something else
    Not gonna settle for anything less

    Bye-bye, baby ....

    I've had enough of baby love
    I need a love that is strong and tough
    Someone to hold me when things get rough
    I need a love that is big enough

    Bye-bye, baby...