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    How to Make Meth


    par michael

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    Alexandre Bois
    Aspirez ces vapeurs et c'est aller simple pour le cimetière :)
    Par Alexandre BoisIl y a 4 ans
    They couldn't show some parts in the video because its illegal. 90% of U.S. households have 90% of the supplies needed to cook methamphetamine, and out of the 90% of the U.S. households, the DEA could kick in anyone's house door with probabal cause, and arrest everyone living in the residence on suspision to manfacture a controled substance.

    Try it out!!! Call the cops and give them some random persons address and say that the person who lives there has the materials to make methamphetamine, and you are "afraid" that they're possibly in the process of manufactureing a controlled substance.

    Watch as the take some old lady to jail with cuffs on her hands. Although they will release her, and your word goes to shit, It might have been worth the couple of tears, at the crooked judicial system.
    Par unrealll6666Il y a 5 ans
    this does not work or they just arent telling u everything
    Par stupidity2011Il y a 5 ans
    ; yeeeahhh top;), merci,
    Par anahaelIl y a 5 ans
    Help, why meth crystals failed to form ?

    I made methamphetamine from phenylacetone,methylamine,actived aluminum,
    all materials are analytical pure.

    My phenylacetone is pale yellow in color, has a unique smell. It is got
    by vacuum distillation, at -101KPa and 110 °C .

    The free base is distilled out under a vacuum of -96KPa and temperature
    118°C. The liquid methamphetamine is clear, colorless, has a slight amine

    I disolve the methamphetamine in toluene, which is maybe industrial pure,
    not analytical pure. The solution is also clear and colorless. when I bubble

    anhydrous HCl(dried by concentrated sulfuric acid) into it, instead of
    forming crystals, an oil settles to the bottom of the flask.

    I have tried the whole procedure 4 times, thr results are the same.

    Could anybody be so pleased to help me to solve the problem?
    Par coolsea888Il y a 6 ans
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