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    Jay-Z "Roc Boys"


    by bluntedsoul

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    Please explain to me why you aren't famous yet? anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? !!
    By sweetmartina845 years ago
    ^o^ lolol trop bonne video^^
    By amayjeite6 years ago
    Rich Mundo
    Live "Big Nigga" No more questions, so keep the marks. Nothing Plastic, So skip the surgery, No warning, We in yo pool, Next we at yo school, Couldn't Leave the kid alone, Just cause he got ties to Montoya, But its family, so Now we on ya, Thats Colombia where we throw weed away, Light the Hand rolled Gar, Drink Vodka and drive our own cars. More than bars, Invest in rap bars not prison bars, thats why Escobar had to escape, He Christopher Columbus, But Ochoa Brothers be Bolivar, that why Cartelito say Si Mon, I got Bacardi Limon from Curacao, Vodka from so far, So Raw, Not like Vince McMahon, Ship u to the moon like Branson, Then Fire you like Trump while you in Transit, Fuck Traffic if Catherine Zeta Jones ain't in it, Forget Chicago if Sofia Just Rented, We Stay Hard Long Time, Even after the sex, So Get ya mind right, For you see that bright light, Illuminate the Streets Like Solar Power, Cause Niggas just sniff powder, aint nobody paying for the holy ghost, No matter the Cost La
    By Rich Mundo7 years ago
    Rich Mundo
    I B bumping Cam'ron, Saying J its the Roc, Drinking Ciroc Rocking Sean John, Crocs on My Feet, Not Gators IT B LaCoste, Like La Costra, Too Many People Knowing, To many People Flowing ,So Im Just Throwing, Mine Catch it, Its Funny how Dudes Bounce to Beef, We about Money Like Shareef and Then Say Piece, Had to go To Jesus de Cristo, Cause the Pork was on the Grill, ITs Negril, We Just Say Chill, Yall Rap for Thrills, Im Ill, Tell Lebron to Ring Out, Then Cash Out, You Got the Money, Now get the Respect, Then With More Money, Comes Power, Its the Hour, We Here Now, Either Way, Don't Play. T00f fresh to Beef or Fight, Just Point to My Eye, Snipers got Eagle Eyes, He hitting skinny and fat guys, Talk like we watching porn, But A dick in between the thighs, Is a bullet right in between the Eyes.
    By Rich Mundo7 years ago
    David Parisi
    great video
    By David Parisi7 years ago
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