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    Plagiarism : Irategamer

    Chris Bores

    by Chris Bores

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    what a fake.
    By valleydave27 years ago
    irate gamer...
    u deserve to go to hell
    James is the best to doing that.
    By Snowuk7 years ago
    Neil Dunsmore
    ds: Okay, a lot of Irate's jokes are those James already did. It wouldn't have been plagiarism if he had done one thing: Given James credit. That's all he needed to do, imo, then he'd have more respect.
    By Neil Dunsmore7 years ago
    Just because they noticed the same bad things in a bad game doesn't mean he is copying. By your logic anyone who ever reviews something after someone else must be a copy. This is blind and moronic hating.
    By dsnesnintendo8 years ago
    Yeah Chris Bores dosen't sound intellent in videos. He dosen't look like he's doing rescreach and to know more then he claims. Like Ultimate Muscle and Smash Brothers. And he's doing the robot too. Witch James was.
    By ZERO1ZERO18 years ago
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