"Oh Arabian Nights, 1001 Delights"


par BaB-Jane

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This outfit is called "Oh Arabian Nights, 1001 Delights", and is part of a collection of outfit I've created called "Lara Of The Wolrd".
This one represents THE ORIENT.
This is my very first video ever, I made the videos in the game on my laptop so the graphics are not very good, I'm sorry for that.
The videos in the Introduction are taken from TR4 - The Last Revelation for the first one, and from the movie The Mummy for the second one.
Intro music by Dub Incorporation, other track from Prince Of Persia : The Sands of Time ("Introducing the Prince") by Stuart Chatwood.
Hope you'll like the outfit and enjoy the video. :)

3 commentaires

Merci. :)

Parce que tu trouves qu'il y en a des faux? ^^
Par BaB-Jane il y a 6 ans
Merci beaucoup! :)
Par BaB-Jane il y a 7 ans
Magnifique :-)
Par Koji417 il y a 7 ans