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    Dragon Half Episode 1 {Part 1}


    by Daiguard

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    Hello everybody,

    and welcome to Menchi's first Full Length Episode fandub, and it's Dragon Half

    Took a long time too :)


    Mink - the daughter of a dragon and a retired dragonslaying knight - sets out on a journey to get tickets for a concert held by Dick Saucer, world-famous teen idol and dragon hunter. Meanwhile, the corrupt king of the land is trying to take her hostage to get at her mother, and his magic-using daughter seeks to foil Mink's quest out of sheer spite.


    Mink: Haushinka
    Princess Vina: Scarlotte
    Dick Saucer: Lucien Dodge
    The King: P3RFECT
    Ruth the Red Lightning: Axel
    Mom: Mizura
    Rosario: Sukisho
    Luffa: Allison Rose
    Pia: Amby Leigh
    Damaramu: Menchi
    Venus: MindyChan
    Blue Slime: Belladonna Gardenia
    Yellow Slime: Kae-Chan
    Slug: Menchi
    Royal Advisor: SecondChild
    Announcer: Ig
    Nurse: Tregatron
    Narrator: WPT1031
    Ticket Man: Menchi

    Mixed by Menchi


    Dragon Quest VIII
    Star Ocean II
    Grandia 2

    Thank you