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    Lover Man - Coleman Hawkins 1961

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

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    Lover Man - Coleman Hawkins 1961

    From a collection of faded 16 mm movies we see here a scene from a jazz club after hours. A club in New York, the customers have left, several of the staff stayed around to listen and the musicians just go in for a jam.
    They’re playng a blues, Johnny Guarnieri piano, Barry Galbraith guitar, Milt Hinton bass and Cozy Cole drums.
    It seems they are waiting for a guest coming in. And one does, the great Coleman Hawkins walks in. After some relaxing exchanges the Hawk unpacks and unwraps his horn and everyone is in anticipation. What’s coming? Hawk stops the music for a second and announces Lover Man in 5 flats. Off they go, it becomes another Hawkins masterpiece, nobody around to witness this except the musicians, some staff and now you from your seat behind your computer. I hope you have good sound equipment attached to your machine. It’s worth it!