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    Fatman & The Lawnmower, American Style

    Tom Gosse

    by Tom Gosse



    SpringFox Too Paulreyno
    hey when can i send him
    Tom Gosse
    Paul K., I missed that one. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.
    Paul R., The only problem a puppet will have here is that my dog's will think he's a "chew toy".
    By Tom Gosse10 years ago
    SpringFox Too Paulreyno
    Thanks for the mention. We could be starting a new trend here, Tom, The fatmen of the world go to Mow,
    However, there was a certain obnoxious puppet missing, Mr Spliffy, if you ever need him give me a buzz, I could do with a break from him for a while .lol