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    Hennessi ft. Brisco "Get ya Money"


    by 305KEEPITLIVE

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    Steve BizzlmRirizzlm
    not too bad
    By Steve BizzlmRirizzlm6 years ago
    Rich Mundo
    Zulu's Stand Up, Don't Jump, Formation Base, Invert the Pyramid, Like the Airforce Base, Time Stop, Everything Including the Shop, Gotta Proofread and Edit the Constitution, Reduce the Pollution, Going Green Like When Golfers Make Par. Rewind and digest that shit. No Golfer's digest, Simple as putting hard dick in pussy no matter how fat or ugly the bitch is, I go Hard Like The Marine Squad, i don't stay on the water, Rather Be Blazing Dro with O'bama, So Keep the Irish Pubs, Bring Me the Dubs, and Bitches who wash with Dove, And Just one with The Irish Spring Love. Can never Claim King Of the South, Whats Lower Than Haities or Hell, Nada, Not in Prada, They Call Me the Prince of Ports, I unload that Cargo and Tell Them CUBANS to Get it "GOOSE", Do what it do, Nothing traffic or trash, Niggas Eating Like Thanksgiving without the Pilgrims, Trained by the Vikings, So Morals be obselete, Yall Compete, NOPE, or NUPE, No Hoops, or HOP, But Pop Back Like B Kins, Yall KIN ha FOLK, UNC whatup
    By Rich Mundo6 years ago
    elle tue
    By Ne-yo8 years ago