WTH are they SPRAYING? Oct 31 2007


by CindyPDX

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OCTOBER 31st 2007 was the FIRST time I saw "them" blatantly spraying over SE Portland Oregon!

At 10:20 AM, Oct 31st, 2007 I had just come out of Walmart and looked up and saw a white plane making lots of contrails in CIRCLES and STRANGE loopy patterns overhead! It was so freaky! The white plane was about 15,000-20,000 feet high. IT WAS NOT some sort of Air show over Portland Oregon. I did not have time to tape them at that time...

BUT!! Later when I get home (about a 10 minute drive north from Walmart) at 11:38 AM (over an HOUR LATER) I see yet MORE STRANGE Circle and curved contrails! I ran out and taped them and I'll be d@mned, about 10 minutes later I catch one in the ACT of creating another curved / circle Contrail!!

They were either:
Wasting gas, were lost, drawing Pumpkin circles in the sky, OR SPRAYING US!

Normally the contrails I've seen overhead often go North to South and back (most common) in a STRAIGHT PATH, (SEE RELATED VIDEO Contrails Ruin Blue Summer Sky View http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2dyjo_contrails-ruin-blue-summer-sky-view_webcam )
BUT on Oct 31st, I have NO idea WTH they were doing!

WATCH THIS VIDEO from Nov 9th 2007- Shreveport, LA - Local News Station confirms BARIUM in chemtrails!


I sent the link to the tv channels, radio, friends and familly...
I remember seeing those when I was young.
By Sandy Steel 5 years ago
This is a drugs? or wath..why, is important this suces today!
By Arcangel 7 years ago
Rahmou06, I have NO idea what you mean by BCP, but check this article out - scary as hell called: What Chemtrails Really Are http://www.rense.com/general79/chem.htm Makes me wonder if the White Orbs / Spheres that I've taped over our area are related to what that article talks about..
By CindyPDX 8 years ago