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Une géniale innovation graphique pour Moriarty et ce 1er clip "Jimmy" issu de l'album "Gee Whiz But This Is A Lonesome Town". Réalisé par

1st video from the debut album "Gee Whiz but this is a lonesome town" out now.
Directed by Le Groupusqule
Moriarty on tour check


Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy won’t you please come home where the grass is green and the buffaloes roam
Come see Jimmy your uncle Jim Your auntie Jimmie and your cousin Jim
Come home Jimmy because you need a bath
And your grandpa Jimmy is still gone daft

Now there’s buffalo Jim and buffalo Jim
And Jim buffalo now didn’t you know
Jim Jim Jimmy its your last cigarette
But there’s buffalo piss and it’s all kind of wet
Jambo Jimmy you’d better hold your nose
All roads lead to roam with the buffaloes

Buffaloes used to say be proud of your name
Buffaloes used to say be what you are
Buffaloes used to say roam where you roam
Buffaloes used to say do what you do
If you remember you’re (unkown / a gnome / a Noam)
Buffaloland will be your home

Well you’ve gotta have a wash but you can’t clean your name You’re now called Jimmy you’ll be Jimmy just the same
The keys are in a bag in a chest by the door
One of Jimmy’s friends has taken the floor
Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy won’t you please come home where the grass is green and the buffaloes roam
Dear old Jimmy you’ve forgotten you’re young but you can’t ignore the buffalo song

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c'est quand même csandaleux comment ils imposent les pubs avant les videos pour lesquelles on est les plus impatients de les ecouter !!ca fausse l'oreille,et ca fausse l'eoute,on n'est moins serein et plus enervés!!personne n'a encore prouvé que le "mercantylisme" etait une therapie !!me rd alors!!!
Par Jussie Pichke Regency en août
i thumbs up this video anyone want to chat with a cutie like me^^? hihi...
Par loveelybabi91 il y a 4 ans
subscribed! xD ..i feel lonely though.. .....
Par sofia belle il y a 4 ans
Keep up the good work. chat with me! ....!.
Par sweethoney il y a 4 ans
your vids are fucking awesome btw check out my pics!! ?!..!..
Par hazeloris il y a 4 ans
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