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"I'm Andrew Tan, co-organizer of Joel Christopher's MasterListBuilder
Funshop and I'm talking to you right now as a participant, not so
much an organizer.

Today is day two and the amount of value that I got since day one
'til now it just blow my mind away. From teaching me the basic of
how set up the website to how to position myself, how to select
niche markers - special niche markers, that people don't really
dominate and how I can pull in and become the leader in the marker.

so many tips and tricks. and i want to encourage you to come because
it is just so much value and so much for you, hand on stuff and..

Oh, by the way, I dont think anyone has ever done that in this market yet.
I just went to one last week and it was a four day sales pitch from
beginning to end that really cost much much more than what we are
charging in Singapore so with this amount of money that I am paying
for this and the value that is given, I just cant see why this wont grow.

So if are at the point of time when you are truly looking for one that
is hands-on, truly hands-on business building, lead you by the hand,
take you from internet idiot stage all the way to internet indeoendent
stage, pls join us at the next funshop.

Give us your name or an email addresss and we will keep you updated
on the next funshop will be. Thank you so much."