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    58: SOS Program, Sand & Land Yachting

    TheBoaters TV

    by TheBoaters TV

    TheBoaters.TV EP 58: The Sails Ocean Sails (S.O.S.) Program, created back in September 2006, aims to assist fishermen living in the South Pacific Islands. S.O.S. acquires donated sails from yacht clubs, sailing organizations, and private contributions and gives them to needy vessels. For more information on the S.O.S. Recycling Program, visit:

    Next: Sand and land yacht sailing dates back to before the 16th century. The International Federation of Sand and Land Yachting (the FISLY) is the official governing organization for all aspects of sport. For more information, visit

    Finally: Boat stains are signs that trouble could be brewing…Today, from boating writers Janet and Gordon Groene, are some tell-tale tip-offs to what might be happening when you notice strange boat stains or smells.

    TheBoaters.TV, hosted by Julie Perry, airs 5-7 minute episodes every M, W, and Friday at www.TheBoaters.TV