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Levity II

11 anni fa668 views

An innovative modern art installation, “The Luminiarium Levity II” by Architects of Air is a sculpture that people can enter to be immersed in radiant light and colour. Inspired by the beauty of natural geometry and by Islamic architecture, it features winding passages of small domes inspired by repetitious forms found in the bazaars of Iran.

In the daytime, the luminosity of light and colour inside Levity II is created purely by the daylight shining through the coloured plastic. At night, the luminiarium is also illuminated from inside, creating a radiance that people can appreciate from a distance.

Since 1992, the luminiaria of Architects of Air have enchanted over 1.5 million people in 32 countries. The Los Angeles Times wrote, “Upon entering you instantly notice vaulted ceilings that arch towards heaven, creating a sense of grandeur and almost limitless space. The air is washed in colours - reds, blues, greens deepening from soft tints to lustrous jewel tones”.

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Levity II
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