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    Joel Christopher's Marketing Cruise Testimonial from Tom Bea

    Joel Christopher

    by Joel Christopher


    "The Marketing Cruise gets you to re-evaluate what really matters in life, what really matters in business and at the same time, giving you the tools necessary to grow your business to the levels that you desire it to be."

    To say that attending your Marketing Cruise changed my life would be an understatement.

    I applied what I learned at your event and stopped trying to re-create the success model online.

    Since then I stopped pushing my ideas uphill and created a site that is growing wildly fast to a niche market using one of Mike Filsaime's scripts. My new niche site using Mike's script is at:

    2006 will (and has) already produced some financial returns from the online efforts resulting from the cruise and it's only getting better.

    I see that attending your cruise not only will dramatically impact my financial bottom line for the rest of my life...but in real honesty it can be attributed to saving my marriage (I'm tearing up as I type this).

    Forget marketing for a minute, it was an absolute miracle by choosing to attend this much needed get away.

    My wife and I both agree that we would not be together still had it not been for choosing to be on this Marketing Cruise together (which we almost decided against doing).

    Prior to attending, we actually had agreed that this would be our 'last hoorah' and we would separate after we returned from the cruise.

    Well, what can I say but we actually fell in love with one another again on the cruise. Both of our families commented on how they can still see the difference between us.

    Our life and our relationship with each other and our children are 1000% better than they were prior to the event. For one, we actually speak to one another and are friends & lovers. :-)