W&L Submission Wrestling Tournaments 4

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This is an extract from a W&L video: Caïds n°1

Fight 1 : Christophe 1er de la Fosse aux Molosses vs Christophe 2 des Mâtins Terrifiques.
Fight 2 : Damien du Kosto des Lascards vs Benoît des Mâtins Terrifiques.

From their website: http://www.W-and-L.com

W&L tournaments are out of this world : the fighters prefer to face each other with neither rules nor referee, and the winner is the guy who manages to score the greatest number of submissions in the space of 25 minutes. All holds are permitted and in some particularly aggressive matches, fighters don’t think twice about using their fists, feet, elbows, shins and indeed heads for additional firepower !

In fact, the absence of a referee allows all sorts of bad behaviour ! What’s more, the time allowed for these matches is usually long enough to allow each fighter’s more primal and passionate characteristics to emerge : arrogance, frustration, pride, humiliation – all very much in evidence amongst guys who don’t trust each other one inch ; who use their voices regularly to intimidate as well as to insult, and who prolong particularly painful holds with relish and breathtaking cruelty !

W&L encounters are much more than straightforward fights ; they’re titanic clashes of ego and temperament which slowly-but-surely descend to the level of brutal streetfights ! And as submissions alternate between one fighter and another, so the suspense (as well as the score) builds ! Such is the essence of W&L tournaments.


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