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Moscow 80 OC - FOTP | Uzbek, Moldavian & Russian | Kalinka

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The Friendship of the Peoples segment consisted on a cultural representation of each of the 15 Soviet Union Countries: Russian SFSR, Ukrainian SSR, Byelorussian SSR, Uzbek SSR, Kazakh SSR, Georgian SSR, Azerbaijan SSR, Lithuanian SSR, Moldavian SSR, Latvian SSR, Kyrgyz SSR, Tajik SSR, Armenian SSR, Turkmen SSR and Estonian SSR.

This last part of the segment showns folk dances from Uzbekistan, Moldova and finally Russia, the biggest nation of the Soviet Union. (any info about this dances to expand the info would be appreciated). For the Grand Finale, all of the 15 Soviet Republics performers mixed together at the center and danced with the best-known Russian song of all time ''Kalinka'', as a symbol of unity, diversity and friendship.

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Moscow 80 OC - FOTP | Uzbek, Moldavian & Russian | Kalinka
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