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Moscow 80 OC - Friendship of Peoples Start | Byelorusian

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The first to enter the arena, at 6 p.m. were 150 standard-bearers and 800 athletes in gymnastic outfits. They formed a "Sun" composition in the centre of the field. Columns of youths and girls in national costumes of the 15 republics of the Soviet Union ran towards it from all sides, forming sunrays. Formations of thousands of participants in the Friendship of the Peoples dance suite created a series of brightly-coloured pictures on the field.(Extracted from The Official Report Games of the XXII Olympiad - Volume 2: Organization)

During this part, a message from soviet cosmonauts (along with audio) were displayed at the screen of the Lenin Olympic Stadium. After this, some dancers performed routines at the field, to begun the Friendship of the Peoples Segment (which would consist on a cultural representation of each of the 15 Soviet Union Countries: Russian SFSR, Ukrainian SSR, Byelorussian SSR, Uzbek SSR, Kazakh SSR, Georgian SSR, Azerbaijan SSR, Lithuanian SSR, Moldavian SSR, Latvian SSR, Kyrgyz SSR, Tajik SSR, Armenian SSR, Turkmen SSR and Estonian SSR.

The first performers were from Belarus, representing folckloric dances from that country.

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Moscow 80 OC - Friendship of Peoples Start | Byelorusian
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