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    par siouxnavajo

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    Crazy Horse
    We hear what you say
    One earth one mother
    One does not sell the earth
    The people walk upon
    We are the land
    How do we sell our mother
    How do we sell the stars
    How do we sell the air
    Crazy Horse
    We hear what you say
    Too many people
    Standing their ground
    Standing the wrong ground
    Predators face he possessed a race
    Possession a war that doesn’t end
    Children of god feed on children of earth
    Days people don’t care for people
    These days are the hardest
    Material field material harvest
    Decoration on chain that binds
    Mirrors gold the people lose their minds
    Today is now and then
    Dream smokes touch the clouds
    On a day when death didn’t die
    Real world time tricks shadows lie
    Red white perception deception
    Predator tries civilizing us
    But the tribes will not go without return
    Genetic light from the other side
    A song from the heart our hearts to give
    The wild days the glory days live