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    Rick Ross, Trick Daddy & Pitbull "Born and Raised"


    by 305KEEPITLIVE

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    Rich Mundo
    Mentally trained in the county of Dade. Mentally trained in the county of Dade. Duval good looking. 305 keep it alive, Them Niggas on the Westcoast Banging, Niggas on the Eastcoast Maintaining, But Whose to Blame, Pimp C had it Right, NIggas at the Crib Be quick to put on That Blue Yankee, But don't get it confused, In the Winter its Construction Timbs, But in the SUmmer ITs the Jesus Gucci Sandals, Fucked up toes and All, But we got girls With Camel Toes, and We Been built the Pyramid, Just Come To Opa Lock, Thats the Triangle, But the only angle we accept is the Angle of Getting Paid ask LiL Wayne. My Life aint a video NIGGA! A certified Killer with an itch, leave yo lil ass in a ditch like grasshoppers, we aint pinocchio, only snake that grow is below, all my G's Stand up eye to eye, no matter the height, no matter the age yall just well-paid slaves. BOB like Jim Jones Request, Its time to Bang Out, Niggas done pulled out to many times, Fire Drill ass Niggas, well Im the Dragon and
    By Rich Mundo6 years ago