The Great Sex Secret

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"The lucky couples are the ones that do figure out a technique through good communication, through reading a good book like mine, and through trial and error. Then they are on the road to a sexually happier relationship that can last into their 70's and 80's," says Kim Marshall, author of The Great Sex Secret.
So often, sex becomes a thing of the past in many marriages. The couples simply stop having sex, straining the already faltering relationship. They make excuses that there is no time because of children, or work, or they are just too busy with other things.
This sad situation can be turned around into a long-lasting, exciting sexual relationship. After a few years in a relationship, the excitement can cool down, but with a little work, both partners will get back in the mood again.
Sex does not have to be like it was when you were young, spontaneous and full of fire. The adult world comes with responsibilities and stress. There are children, obligations and worries, but this does not mean a life without sex.
Take time out of your busy schedule for each other. Make a date, a specific time each week to spend time together in bed. Just looking forward to that time can be enough to get both partners excited.
During that time, talk to one another about how you feel, what you would like to do, and experiment with a technique you haven't tried before. Trust one another, open up, be sensitive and patient and mutually gratifying sex will follow.
Being proactive about your sexual relationship can mean the difference between a life time of sexless marriage, or a marriage that is thriving with love and excitement for years to come.
About the Author:
Dr. Proactive, Randy Gilbert enjoys producing the "Inside Romance Success Show", hosted by Kevin Decker. He presents his insightful interview with Kim Marshall based upon the techniques from his book, The Great Sex Secret. You can hear the entire inspirational interview for free by going to:

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