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    Miss USA 1970- Wendy Dascomb's Farewell Speech


    by Josh

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    Miami Beach Auditorium
    Miami Beach, Florida
    May 16
    Hosts: Bob Barker & June Lockhart
    "Well, a year has passed since I last stood on this stage. A lot's happened. A lot of...umm...should I say...uh...experiences. I don't know how to explain them...but they were something.
    Also, I learned a lot while travelling this year...the places...the people. It, some of it, made me very very happy and the rest was just sort of discouraging.
    I have a very very strong hope for the girl who's the winner this year.
    I hope that she can stand in this place, at this time, and relate to the all the viewing public a year of beautiful and meaningful experiences
    rather than my year's pre-occupation with fear...a great deal of fear for our world."
    -Farewell Speech at the 1970 Miss USA Beauty Pageant-