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    Rapid changes on Mt Hood Oct 2007


    by CindyPDX

    October 19 2007 - KATU (a local news station in Portland, Oregon) reports on MOUNT HOOD, Oregon. - Mount Hood's snow-covered peaks are an Oregon icon, but the snow and ice is melting at an alarming rate and local scientists want to find out why.

    Even from Portland, Oregon I can see Mount Hood (as well as Mount St Helens) most every day, year after year. And as each year passes, alot more rock is seen on them when there should be snow.

    Mount Hood apparently is the 2nd most climbed mountain in the world but she seems to have lost a bit of the well known majestic beauty about her.

    Update! GREAT NEWS ARTICLE from Dec 17 2007: Oregon science teacher a mega-hit on YouTube
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    Also watch this report from BBC June 2006 called: Bush: Global Warming Cover-up
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    (39 minutes long, wmv format, 98 megs)