Brock Lesnar in UFC

Jay Ftbx

par Jay Ftbx

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Douglas Connan
he's a good guy for sure, but have a fight for the tittle with a 2-0-1 ... UFC desapoint me
Par Douglas ConnanIl y a 7 ans
Par vinceIl y a 7 ans
Bob Marley
man i will kill lesnar in a fight, im a whopping 120 pounder with 5 ince biceps
Par Bob MarleyIl y a 8 ans
under construction
LESNAR vs MIR february 2nd at vegas!.......lets go lesnar lets go!!!!!!!
Par under constructionIl y a 8 ans
Guys, guys. Brock Lesnar trained for this. He always wanted to be a REAL FIGHTER. Not a staged, yet dangerous fighter. It will be awesome to see him fuck up people for real!
Par bobl0blawIl y a 8 ans
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