Robin Hood Promo BBC 2006


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"Deep in the heart of England, lives a legend Robin Hood."

"I fight for Robin Hood and King Richard!"

Filmed in Budapest, Robin Hood is a unique blend of exhilarating action adventure, wit and romance. Robin Hood's striking new look (no tights), coupled with the sharp scripts, updates the popular legend for a sophisticated contemporary audience.
Full of action, humour and romance, Robin Hood outwits and delights us as he fights the authority of the evil Sheriff of Nottingham with outrageous scams and incredible swordplay.

2006 - ?? 2 Season

By : Dominic Minghella
With : Jonas Armstrong, Richard Armitage, Keith Allen, Lucy Griffiths, Gordon Kennedy, Sam Troughton, Joe Armstrong, Harry Lloyd, Michael Elwyn and Anjali Jay...

I don't own this video.
Credit to : BBC & Tiger Aspect Productions

8 commentaires

My pleasure my dear, and yep I have to say that the "Troubles comes looking for me" thing is more than enjoyable! LOL :p
Par no_none Il y a 7 ans
OMG! Thank you Lost, it's the first time I see that one and... OMG! (This is really the only thing I'm able to think right now)
I just LOVE his voice "Trouble comes looking for me" <3 <3
I'm in love with this guy (but you know that already, don't u? ;)
Par cwellere Il y a 7 ans
@marie : C'est fait ;) !
Par no_none Il y a 7 ans
cc, j'aimerais savoir ce qu'il dit!Je pige pas tout XP

Tu pourrais me poster la traduction sur mon blog stp? merci
Par Marie Il y a 7 ans
Pourquoi tu l'as trouves mauvaise?
Par no_none Il y a 7 ans
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