The Rock Appreciation Night (Full Segment)


par Mohaned

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The Full Rock Appreciation Night Segment Including Goldbergs WWE debut.

7 commentaires

Rock was a great heel
Par Duran Andrews l'année dernière
Don't give The Rock the finger, he'll come out an whoop that candy ass just like that ! LOL!!!
Par Jordan_28 il y a 5 ans
JR sucks so bad!! oh his attitude here and all that.. shut up JR!! This Attitude was awsome!!
Par AlbanianStoneCold il y a 6 ans
Finally the Rock has come back to see ALL u jabronis show appreciation to the Great One.ROFLFAO
Par Graham il y a 6 ans
I appricate The Rock, even if the fans or Goldberg don't.
Par Daniel Studd il y a 7 ans
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